Automatically deleted states

Dec 09, 2015

So I'm making a flowchart tool that allows users to drag and drop text entry fields onto a grid of drop targets. The idea is they can take as many text entry boxes as they want from a stack, and drag them onto the grid like a work breakdown structure. Then I have thin rectangles that connect every box to the one above, below, and to each side, that by default have no fill and a faint outline, have a hover state that fills with a light grey, and when selected fill with black. So once you've laid out your items (say your company structure) you can click just the rectangles that connect the text boxes you've dropped. 

The problem is, Storyline keeps deleting my Selected states. If I add or remove any of the rectangles (I copy and pasted more to extend the grid) they ALL lose their Selected state for seemingly no reason. 


It's a Freeform Drag and Drop question. I can't figure out why it would keep removing these states. Any ideas?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matt -- So sorry to hear you are experiencing issues! May I ask if you are experiencing the same behavior when you test your course in the intended environment? You may also want to try importing the file into a new file or running through these steps to address unexpected or odd behavior in SL2

Please let us know if issues persist, and you are also welcome to share your file if you'd like members of the community to take a look and offer suggestions. If privacy is a concern, you could also use this form to submit your file for confidential review by our Support Engineers. :)

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