Avatars & Speech-to-Speech Voice Recognition System

Mar 17, 2015

I have three questions I need help on.

Does Storyline allow specially designed interactive avatars to be imported?

Will Storyline allow for a speech-to-speech interaction to take place between the user and the avatars?

I have a voice recognition engine that I would like to import into my Storyline course. Is that possible through Storyline?

I would love to hear your thoughts on how I can use Storyline to develop a speech-to-speech interaction between avatars using an outside VRS.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Noah, 

Are you importing the avatars as image files, GIFs, SWFs, etc.? All those elements are supported within Storyline - although you won't be able to customize them as our current avatars are (in terms of pose, expression, etc.) within Storyline nor will they appear as a part of any Storyline library as there isn't a way to add elements to the current set up. 

I've seen a few other users ask similar questions in terms of allowing the users to speak or record their voice within Storyline - but it's not a built in feature of the software. It may be something you're able to accomplish via a web object where this is recorded, but I'll defer to the community in regards to how they've set this up. 

Danny Stefanic

This sounds like a fascinating project Noah, what technologies are you using for avatars and voice? We have HTML5 ResponsiveVoice for Storyline 2 and HTML5 ResponsiveAvatars which you can check out here, its possible for these to work in Storyline and to speak text off the slides!

Let me know your feedback.

Kind regards,


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