Back instead of "Previous slide" for navigation

When the user clicks the "back" button, I want them to go backward in the linear path of the course, as in one slide prior. I'm noticing that the "previous slide" trigger does not function the way I wanted it to. If you jump around in the course menu, the previous slide could be ANYWHERE and not necessarily the slide immediately prior to the current one in a linear flow. So, the back button works fine when you're navigating forward because "previous" coincides with the slide X-1, where X is the current slide. When you get to the end and you want to navigate backward, it works in reverse..."previous slide" becomes slide X + 1. 

I hope that wasn't overly confusing but the issue is that "previous slide" only takes you to Slide X - 1 if you're navigating soon as you break the linear flow, it's off. I don't want to hard-code every single slide to point to the slide immediately prior because that's time consuming and should be unnecessary. Ideas?

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Jason Johnson

ummm, serious design means that next and previous live in two different contexts. Next is always linear, to my understanding. Previous is historic??? Apples and oranges!!! The default player has a "Previous" and "Next" button...does it have the same context? 

Consider this is a feature request.