Backing up your work: Is "Transparent Caching" suitable with Articulate products?

Jan 16, 2017

I know to 'work locally'; we have a good IT group here and I've asked them for a solution to automatically back up my Storyline files. To my eyeballs, it looks like I'm saving to a server, and my 'local copy' is just a shortcut to the server location. When I questioned how it looked to my naked eye, their reply was:

"In summary, the system you have in place now is a function of Windows Offline Files called Transparent Caching. It’s a feature where Windows manages a local copy of the files then synchronizes them in the background. It looks and acts just like a normal directory on a share and is designed  to blend in seamlessly."

Storyline Gurus: before I trust this arrangement, are you familiar with it? Does it work as described above? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kat.  I don't have experience with this setup, but one consideration I would recommend:  If you are disconnected from your network, working "offline," is your file still available on your local drive?  If that's the case, I would suspect that there is a copy on your local drive and that you are able to work from and save to that file location.

I could only find information about transparent caching for Windows 7; is that the version that you are using?

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