Base layer objects disappear when adding a new layer

Jul 16, 2015

Hi.  I'm a new Storyline 2 user.

When I create a slide, have added a few objects to the base layer, and then click to create an additional layer, all the objects on the base layer disappear.  This is a problem when I'm trying to create a text box or caption on the new layer and need to see it's position in relation to the object on the base layer.  I know the objects on the base layer are supposed to dim, but not disappear.  I'm sure I'm just missing a button click somewhere, but I can't figure out where or what.  I've tried playing with the visiblity options on the new layer (i.e. "Hide other slide layers", "Hide objects on base layer").   None of those options affect this problem, nor do the "eye" buttons in the Timeline.  The objects on the base layer are visible when I preview the project, but the issue I'm referring to is for the creation and being able to see the base layer while creating objects on other layers.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.

UPDATE:  OK, I figured it out myself.  I didn't realize I had to CHECK the base layer box back on while on the new layer.  Sorry for the post.


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