Base Layer Visible When Navigating Between Multiple Layers

I have been experiencing this problem for some time now. When ever I have a screen with multiple layers, the base layer will briefly flicker as I navigate throughout the layers. For example, let's say I have a big red box in the middle of the screen on my base layer.  I navigate to the first layer that displays a form - no problem.

I navigate to the next layer (layer 2) to display another form. Before I see the second form, I see the big red box briefly flicker. This happens with each subsequent layer.

On each layer I set the property to hide other layers. I do not want to set hide base layer because then I have to copy page numbers and screen titles to every layer. Thankfully my navigation buttons are set in the slide master or I would have to copy those as well.

I have ensured that on every layer, there are no triggers that would reveal the base layer.

Has anyone else run across this or have any ideas on a solution?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Phil

hard to say without seeing the file - are you seeing this only in Preview or have you published and uploaded to intended environment - web/LMS and is it still happening there?

Perhaps in addition to the hide other layers trigger if it's only the red box on the base layer can you use the eye icon to hide that object on the layer?


Phil Robinson

The support within his community is simply amazing. I have been doing this for a along time and have been using SL sine SL1. I never thought, or knew about, expanding the base layer on subsequent layers.

On all layers, I expanded the base layer, as you suggested, and hid his those objects. It did the trick.

Wendy, you are amazing! Thank you for your support.