Batch publish mode?

Nov 15, 2017

I wish. WISH WISH, there was a batch publish ability in SL360. I work on 10+ projects at any one time and when they're finished it's normally a case of Friday afternoon, setting aside everything to simply publish.

Has there been any word on something of this ilk? I personally don't care if it's macro-clunky based, rather than polished. It will always get better :)

Many thanks

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Steven Benassi

Hi Hugh!

Thanks for sharing the feedback on how bulk publishing from Storyline could improve your workflow! I've included your voice in the Feature Report and will update this discussion if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap!

For your reference, here's a closer look at how we manage Feature Requests.

Attila Arvai

Unfortunately there hasn't been any improvements on this in the past 6 years but it's been added to the request pile a few times. As someone else suggested, it'd be great to make ALL requests public so the community can vote and it'd be easier for your as well to see the answer to the "Will it benefit a majority of users? question. There are many features that would make our lives easier, but it looks like years need to pass before they get implemented (if at all). For example, adjusting the playback speed came up as a request 7 years ago and got a response 3 years ago...