Beginner e-learner developer looking for help

Feb 18, 2013

Greatings All,

I am relatively new to the world of e-learning and have been trying to develop my first course for my company.  The problem is, I think I am going all over the place and do not have a sense of fluidity to it.  Would someone, anyone out there be able to take a look at my course and be able to help me out with some ideas and concepts with aesthetics as well as trying to best use articulate to my full advantage?  Thanks a million for anyone that is able to help me out in advanced!

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Rob Veech

Hello again fellow "e-learning creators"

I have been trying several different avenues and have taken most of your advice very seriously and tried to implement it into my course.  Please find below the temp link to the course as I have made various different changes.  


-I have not changed the voice over yet, as that will be the last thing I changed.  

-I have only been able to make it to near the end of module four of my changes and modifications.  I would like feedback (good or bad) so i know if I am going in the "right" general direction.  

-I am looking for both specific and general advice, so if you are able to either or would be perfectly acceptable.  

-If you do not want to post your advice on this blog, but would rather email me your comments, that is more than welcomed as well.  My email is ( 

Thank you so very much again for your help.  It truly is appreciated.  

Judith Blackbourn

Hi Rob,

Much improved -- looks like you added more animation.

One thing you haven't changed is the text size and style.

Sans-serif font (like the stuff you're reading here) is much easier to read on-screen (scientifically proven, I believe). Also, Phil said, you could cut down on the text and then use a larger font.


Judith Blackbourn

Just one more thing -- and this is from the Technical Writer side of me.

Remove unessential words.

For example:

In order to understand the basics, you need to also know the difference between standards and regulations.

I'd write:

To understand the basics, first learn how standards are different from regulations.

And don't forget to state what the basics are!

Bruce Graham

It is brave to post - so some questions/comments....

1> Do any of your learners care about your company profile? That's advertising - not the course.

2> The font is overtly "fussy" to my eyes.

3> I find the appearing characters, such as Atsumi with her thumbs up completely pointless and distracting I'm afraid. The same is true for the moving cursor to the quiz. If an object does not add something to the learning, do not use it.

4> Far too text heavy. For example - your slide "Why Follow a best Practice" has non-attributed statistics, a statement "This is........." that just hangs there, too much text etc.

I just think you need to go back, figure out "learning" vs. "supporting data", and simplify this. You have tried to get every image, every word known, and every animation in here. Your message (to me anyway...), is totally lost.

Why don't you send a PM to Tom Kuhlmann and ask his advice here - he often does this, helping people turn a course round?



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