Best Practices for Using the Translate Function for SME Review

Hello all. I was hoping for some suggested best practices for using the Translate function for SME reviews. It seems like a great way to have an SME correct errors in the file but I'm wondering how the workflow would work.

For example, if I export a translation and send to an SME and she sends it back right away there is no problem to import it. But how do you handle it if you continue to work on the SL file while the SME is making her updates? I like to have SME reviews throughout the development but I don't want to have to stop work to wait for the translation to be returned. What would happen if I added additonal slides or made my own edits during the time the SME was working on the translation file? When I import the translation won't it wipe out any updates I've made in the interim?

I'm really curious how (or whether) you other gurus have dealt with this issue.

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