Best Slide Size for Infographic?

Mar 12, 2018

Hi Folks. I'm trying to create an interactive infographic using Storyline 360. The png file itself is 600 x 2000, but that feels a little bit too large. When imported straight into Storyline 360, it reduced the image size to 197 x 404, which is frankly too small. I would also like to mention that to make this infographic interactive, I'm using markers and call-out boxes for expanded content.

So, my question is: what, in your all experience, is the best slide size for this infographic? I want the user to be able to be both not totally overwhelmed by the size of it, but also have the graphic be readable! Is there a good balance between image and slide size?  Thanks!!!

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Phil Mayor

Couple of thoughts from me. You should design your info graphic tomatchtheaspectration of your slide. But as far as slide size goes you should target the most common slide size for your users. 

When I ran an LMS I would collect analytics to show the most common screen size and develop for that. Typically I would build 16:9 courses with a width of 1000 pixels wide in reality I would target 960 pixels wide. 

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