Best Way to animate loading a printer

I am trying to do a simple animation to teach clients how to load a Zebra printer.  Luckily, the printer loads this way: put the paper in the back and weave it to the front of the printer.  I was thinking I could take a photo of the printer from the side and use some sort of maze function to have the user drag the tape on the correct path through the printer.  Is this possible to do with Storyline 3?  Does this sound at all reasonable?

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Bob O'Donnell

You should be able to make that work. If you take photos, make sure to use a tripod. You could photograph each step and then use those stills to "faux" animate the sequence by using different wipe effects. It could be a case for a pause and play video sequence as well.

You could set the base image up and use drop points for each step/sequence and let the user select where the tape should go next. A correct answer could wipe your next image on screen. Or simply have info markers that describe in detail the next part of the sequence. After the user views that you could wipe in the next part of the paper path.

Your Zebra printer probably also has a good PDF manual with line art or photos already in it. Do a search on that for image ideas as well.


Areba Khan

If you have Photoshop Mix on your phone, you can pretty much line up images, but only position and scale them.

I use this paper and photo method on my computer, but with Photoshop CC (which is more detailed than mix)

Some devices have airdrop, which allows you to send a large number of images quickly; however, I did email the first few animations I created.