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Dennis Hall

Hi Lisa:

Create a slide, insert your content, and Convert to Freeform. I recommend you select something from the Survey templates.

Once you have the slide converted, modify the Trigger for the checkbox from what it is, to Jump to next slide.

Also you should go into the slide properties (lower right corner of Storyline) and uncheck the Next button.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa, 

Since you won't have a quiz results slide, I assume you'll be tracking by number of slides viewed instead? 

 You'll want to set that checkbox up on the last slide to ensure users make it all the way through. You could also use this method here, setting up the Checkbox as the quiz slide, and hiding the results slide as indicated. 
Patty Brandt

Adding a similar question to this thread: 

I have inserted a checkbox from Interactive Objects > Controls so my learners have to check a box to confirm they agree to the "terms" of the course before they get a completed status in the LMS. I would like to keep the Next button on the bottom of the slide BUT configure it so the Next button will actually only progress to the next slide AFTER the checkbox is selected. Thus, if a user doesn't select the checkbox and clicks Next, it won't progress to the last slide. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!

Anthony Watson

I have a similar question.

I need people to agree that they are in fact themselves undertaking a course.

I've inserted a checkbox on the first page. Created a trigger, 'jump to next slide' when user clicks checkbox 1.

Everything works 'except' the checkbox does not actually check (with a tick) before progressing to the next slide which dosent look quite right.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Or, set the check box to adjust a variable and add a condition to the next button to only advance IF the variable shows the right value. This will lock the person on the slide until they select the checkbox and prevent them from viewing 100% of the slides (which is what you should use to mark completion).