Best way to create a slide out side menu?

Apr 02, 2019

This example is from our state university's website. I really like the effect that when a user clicks the red boxes more information slides out. How can this be recreated in Storyline in the best way?


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David Price

Hi Jeni, I have just done something similar but maybe a little simpler.

So your menu sits on another layer and you then use intro and exit animations on the layer.  have the intro animation play when you first open the layer but then pause the timeline when it gets to x seconds. If you don't pause it the timeline will just keep on playing and your exit animation will kick in.

Then all you need is a trigger on the slide somewhere to un-pause the timeline so that the exit animation plays.  So for mine my timeline is only 2.5 seconds long.  1sec intro animation with the box (menu background) flying in - then .5 seconds to allow for the content on the layer to fade in (or do whatever it needs to) - pauses at 1.5 seconds - trigger starts the timeline again when clicked and plays a 1 second exit animation (starting at 1.5 seconds on the timeline) which gets rid of everything.  I then have a final trigger on the layer that hides the layer when the timeline ends.

Hope this helps.

Phil Mayor

Hi Jeni as David says pausing partway through is the way to go.

Here is a demo file

Everything is on a slide master layer.

Here is a link to see it in action:

You don't need the trigger to hide the layer, just set the ayer properties to hide layer when timeline end and also set to rest to initial state.



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