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Ramon Smitherman

I added a PDF as a web object on a slide.  When I publish and test on my local machine it displays properly.  However, when I publish it to the web and run it, the PDF is large than the screen and run "offstage" display only part of the visible page.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?

Ramon Smitherman

Hi Ashley,

I am uploading to the website I publish all my courses to.

The web object appears larger all the time.

I am using the latest release of Storyline III.

I created a web object on a new storyline project file and it worked as expected.  So I deleted the slide on my current project and then added a new slide with the web object and I get the same issue.

My assumption at this point is Storyline doesn't like something in my course file and won't display the web object correctly.

Ashley Terwilliger

Happy to hear that Ramon - but it's still odd that it wasn't working! Since you thought Storyline didn't like something in your course file, I wanted to share a reminder about general tips and best practices linked here, as Storyline is known to not like things like working from a network drive. 

Let us know if you run into any other problems! 

Tony Vinciguerra

Related question.  

I have a PDF located on the web, and shown in a Scroll box.  On my desktop/laptop it works fine.

When I view it on an iPhone, it only displays 1 page, and will not allow me to scroll further down (the scroll bar shows full).

When I view it on Samsung/Android tablet, it forces we to open up another window to see it.  Extremely cumbersome for a use to go to that window, then return back to the lesson.  Anyway to make it act like it does on my desktop/laptop?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony, 

Thanks for sharing those details - and I can see how this behavior is causing some confusion! I'd like to investigate a bit further by having our team test out your example to fully understand the behavior and look for the cause. Can you share a link to the course or a copy of your file with our Support Team? They'll delete the content when they're done testing. 

Let us know if you reach out to the team so we can follow along!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Tony!

It sounds like you're hoping for the PDF to open in the same window as the Storyline course in a mobile environment. 

Unlike an iPhone, the Google Chrome mobile browser in Android can't handle displaying the PDF file in the slide using iframe. That's why it will prompt you to display it on a new browser window or download it. 

I'm looking forward to hearing if other community members have a workaround to share!