Best way to re-present content only?

May 25, 2014

Hi all,

We have some courses that will have questions scattered between the content pages. We use triggers to only reshow incorrect questions and to skip the content pages I set a trigger on them to jump to the next slide if ContentPage is equal to True. This varaible starts as False, and is set to True when the user reaches the Results page.

Our concern is that if they get the question wrong and need to revisit the content pages this particular set up will mean they never see the content pages. We want to give them two buttons on the Failure Results layer. One will skip the Content Pages and only show the incorrect questions. The other would only show the content pages and not the questions.

I'm thinking that the current set up may work if adjusted to a numeric variable because there are now going to be three possible paths.

1: First go, show content pages plus questions

2: Skip Content Pages, only show incorrect questions

3: Show Content Pages, skip incorrect questions

This is the reason I think True/False is too limiting as both buttons will come from the same layer, unless perhaps I apply the variable changes for the True/False once the relevant button is clicked.

Has anyone done anything similar?


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Jason Tilley

I've come up with what seems to be a valid solution if anyone is interested in this functionality.

I created two variables, one called ContentSlideSkip and one called QuestionSlideSkip. Both set to false to start with as we obviously don't want to skip any slides.

On the results slide I have two custom buttons. The one to show only questions sets ContentSlideSkip to True and QuestionSlideSkip to False. And the reverse of both variables for the button to show only content pages. Triggers on each slide to jump to the next slide if the relevant variable is set to true.

By using the standard variable solution for only showing incorrect questions the above doesn't impact this process.

Hope someone finds this useful.

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