Best wordpress plug-ins for ID portfolios

Jun 01, 2016

Hi e-learning gurus!

I am in the process of building my e-learning portfolio. I created a wordpress site and want to add work samples - any tips on the best way to do it? Do I need a plug-in? My samples include storyline and captivate courses, a few screen shots of Blackboard courses, infographics and also links to other webpages. I'd appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

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Aarti Ramanathan

Thank you Elizabeth!I did get this plug-in and I agree it works great!

I am new to WordPress so maybe I am not asking the right question - I am wondering how I can get my samples to look like small icons with short descriptions to go with it. When the visitor clicks on the icon/ title, I would like them to see more detail and view the actual course. Right now, I have everything on a single page and the user must scroll down to view older samples. Is this a plug-in thing or something else? 

Thanks for your help!


Elizabeth Miles

I think you need a WordPress theme that supports featured images to do that.  I'm pretty sure most of the newer themes do, and you'll know you have that option if you see "featured image" listed on the right when you create a new post.  I don't use WordPress often, and remember that it took a bit of doing to figure out how to get the featured image to display.  You can see on this (very outdated) page how our featured images appear.  I know a number of people use WordPress for their portfolios, so hopefully someone who uses it more regularly will chime in with more info.

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