Bilingual courses - issues with the menu

Jul 27, 2016

So I want to create bilingual courses in Storyline where the learner can toggle from one language to the other. I have been able to make this work in the content itself (slides) using layers but my issue is with the menu. Basically, I don't seem to find a way to have the navigation menu also toggle between languages. The idea is that if a learner toggles languages, then BOTH the menu and the content of the slide should be in the desired language.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Simon -- Many thanks for your question! Perhaps some of your fellow community members will have additional examples or insights to share, but I thought I might pass along the following discussions related to use of multiple languages in one course in case you'd like to take a look:

And you would also be welcome to reach out over in our design-focused Building Better Courses forum here, as well! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

There isn't a way to do this with the built in menu settings of Storyline. You could look at creating your own custom player using the SDK, but it's not something I can offer support for, nor is it supported outside of Flash. 

Otherwise you may want to look at creating custom menus, outside of the player entirely so that they could use the toggle feature as you set up. 

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