Blink effect but not created using layer?

Apr 29, 2019

Does anyone have idea of how to create blinking effect that do blinking of a group of object within the same layer?

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Ray Handley

Check out this YouTube video -

Will only work on one object though, because it requires the use of State changes. For grouped objects, you may need to consider right-clicking the group and choosing 'Export shape as picture' first and then reimporting it so you can create a state change as desired.

Noel Read

Hi, another way you can do it is to use the timeline - you create the first object and it lasts for .75 of a second. Then you create another identical one in the same spot that starts right after the first one finishes and it lasts for .75 of a second, and then a third one - you can repeat for as many 'blinks' as you want and then add a last one that stays for the duration of the timeline. I've attached an image of how it works - this one has the green ring surrounding the number blinking twice and then staying in place for the duration of the timeline - so that the learner's eye is drawn to it.

I am sure you could set it up for a group of objects as well - you would just need to align them on the timeline.

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