Blurred Screen recordings

Nov 16, 2022

I am recording for my storyline projects on chrome browser using a think pad (Lenovo) and no matter what I do my screencasts/recordings resolutions are not at all clear when I preview my work in storyline or review.

I use slide size 4:3 and make sure my recording portion is always aligned to that but still the recordings are not what they look like when I record in peek.

Is there some way I can record in Peek and then insert them for simulation on Storyline?

Pls help. This is really urgent!

Thanks a lot!


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Tom Kuhlmann

The aspect ratio is irrelevant. You need to consider your story size in relationship to your recording window.

For example: if my story size is 960x540 (16:9) and my recording window is 1920x1080 (16:9). That's 518,000 pixels in the story but over 2 million pixels in the recording. That's a lot of missing pixels and you'll get degraded quality.

Ideally, you either make your story size the same as your recording size or you record a smaller window size that matches your story size.

Here is an example I did quickly where I recorded a video at 1920x1080

As you can see, the recording that's closest to the story size looks better. Also, as you scale the browser window you'll see that the quality changes a bit.

You can insert a Peek recording, but you'll run into the same issue if the recording window is larger than the course size.

Hope that helps.

Sonam Arora

Sorry I should have been clearer. When I said 4:3, I meant my slide size is the standard 700x 540 as is my recording. I've tried doing multiple recordings according to my story size and the result is the same.

The resolution is hazy when I turn it into try mode steps. 

That's why I was wondering if I can insert a peek video as try mode steps in my story? I haven't found an article or webinar that guides one on that. Could you share steps on how to insert a peek video in try mode steps please? 

Thanks again,


Sonam Arora

Thanks but I wasn't looking for that. 

The steps are for inserting a screen recording that was originally recorded through storyline recording feature.

My question is: Can I insert a Peek recording in Storyline in try mode steps? If there is an explanation on how to do that - could you share that please?



Joe Tansengco

Hello Sonam, 

There isn't a way to convert a Peek recording to try-mode slides because Storyline 360 needs to be able to detect the user's input during a recording to properly generate the try-mode slides. 

If your recordings are appearing as blurry when converted as slides in Storyline 360, there's a chance that the cause of this is a mismatch between your project slide size and the resolution of the screen that you are recording. See this article for more details: 

If your slide size is 700 x 540, you'll want to make sure that the screen size of your recording is as close to 700 x 540 as possible. 

Let me know if matching the resolutions fixes the issue for you!

Tom Kuhlmann

Just to be clear, when you hit record screen you are NOT scaling the recording window up to fit what you're recording?

Keep in mind, there will always be some degradation when you record to video and then when you pull a frame from the video to become an image (which is what Storyline does to get the Try Mode).

I just tested it, and while the screen quality isn't crisp, it's also not blurry.