Blurry Image in Logo Panel

Jul 05, 2017

I've seen a few posts about this, but not sure how to resolve an issue.  We are trying to upload a new logo into Logo Panel on the Player.  When we do this, it is always blurry.  We first tried it at the maximum size of the panel, then tried it smaller.  We also used JPEG and PNG files to see if there was a difference. 

In every instance, the logo ends up blurry.  Since there are words in the logo, this is a problem. 

We also tried locking the player, as was suggested in a different post.  However, that cutoff some of the content on the screen and the rest of the player navigation.  The logo did look crisper, but not helpful when most of the content cannot be seen.

I've attached screenshots of the player with the locked and unlocked options.  The logo in locked version screenshot doesn't look as crisp as it actually shows on the screen.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of how to fix this? 

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Melanie Chin

Hi Crystal - Thanks for offering to help.  I am currently using SL3, but this happened in SL2 as well.  The size of our slides (which is the same for all modules that we create) is 720x405 (16:9). 

I'm attaching the .story file.  It's a test file, so there isn't any content in it.  I'm also attaching two sizes of the logo that we tested.  Both of them had the same blurriness. 

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