Blurry image when uploading

Hello -

I am trying to upload a PowerPoint presentation to Story-line. The upload part I have done. However, in the presentation there is a ton of screen shot images. In story-line the image have become very hard to read and view. I am at a loss, can you help me? I have attached the course below. 


Thank you so much!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mel,

Thanks for sharing your .story file with us. It looks like these images may have been resized upon importing into Storyline? They don't appear to be the right ratio of height/width? If so, any resizing can cause blurriness or display issues - so you'd want to take a look at the best practices here for working with images (especially screen shots) in Storyline! 

If you have the original images and want to share with me- I'm happy to take a look at those as well!