Blurry images and videos when publishing to HTML5

Dec 14, 2020

I've read through several discussions and have tried the recommendations that have been mentioned on this topic, however, I am still having issues with all of my images and videos suddenly becoming blurry when I publish my courses to HTML5.  I never had this issue when publishing to Flash, but that will no longer be an option at the end of this year.  Please help!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Amanda!

I'm sorry to hear about the quality and would love to troubleshoot.

First: I'll begin with these tactics for working with visual media in Storyline: 

  • Best Practices for High-Quality Media 
  • If the slide size is different than the video/image dimensions, you'll need to scale the media to fit the slide. That contributes to a loss in quality. Let's check that both dimensions are close. 
  • If you're using MP4 videos, try turning off the compression. Here's how.

Next: If everything looks good there, could you share the STORY file with us for testing? We'll run through the publishing process on our side and report back! Simply use this private case link.