Blurry videos once published

Feb 15, 2021

Hi, I've tried to look into the cause of blurry videos once I publish.

  • I've recorded the screen from within Articulate "Record Screen"
  • Recorded it at the same size I'm using it as
  • Selected "High" quality" when publishing

But it still gets sampled down and blurry when I publish.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much

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Becca Levan

Hello Martha, and welcome to E-learning Heroes! ⭐️

Thanks for stopping by to share what you're experiencing and including the helpful list of steps you've already taken! 

Let's start with some questions to clarify things:

  • Does your screen resolution match your story size?
  • How are you publishing the content? To the web, an LMS, or Review 360?

Lastly, if following best practices still don't clear things up for you, submit a case here so we can take a closer look!

Martha Fry

Hi, Thanks so much for helping me. I did make sure the screen and story resolution matched. I was hoping to publish a video that then would be hosted on a LMS. In Review 360 the screen captures look good, but when published as a video they are blurry. I reviewed the best practice info. I originally recorded the screen closer to the size I use it in 360, but see they recommend recording the screen at a much larger size, yet keeping the ratio the same ae the story size. Is that true? This video is for a company I am working for and I do not want to share in a public audience. Is there a way to send to you vs everyone? Thanks

Martha Fry

Thank you!

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