Bolded Text is appearing raised compared to Unbolded Text- Help!


I'm experiencing a formatting issue in Storyline 360 - when I bold part of a sentence, any of the bolded text it raised or elevated above the regular text, so it is uneven. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking this is something simple I'm missing... any help is appreciated!



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Joshua Crigger

HI Stacy,

Is this happening for all fonts on your end? If not mind sharing which fonts are affected? Is this showing in a preview, when published? I have tested and have yet to replicate this.

Here is what I am seeing: Screenshot

Likewise, if you can share a story file with this happening we can dig a bit further.

Stacey (Rowe) Wong

I believe this case in particular was when the text was typed directly into a shape vs. a text box, however, I think I remember testing it in a text box and getting the same result.

In the attached example the bolded text is actually below the regular text.

Joshua Crigger

Just looping back here with the resolution. This was an issue that was caused by not having modern text rendering turned on. By enabling this feature we saw the text alignment fixed and were good to go. 

Here is more on Modern Text Rendering in Storyline 360: