Boot Camp vs Paralles

Jul 21, 2013

My Win PC has just given up for gost!

Thinking of buying a iMac but, not sure which option to pick for running Articulate products including storyline?

Any advice would be helpful.



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Phil Mayor

Jilo Esmail said:


I have been told that parallels is slower then boot camp; as you use parallels, do you believe the machines you use is slower with parallels or you don't notice any deterioration with parallel (I also I want to run photoshop and illustrator)?


I dont notice any difference, i give 4gb and 2 cores to parallels, I run illustrator and photoshop on the mac side, oifetn have 2 storyline projects open, with photoshop, illustrator, audacity along with word and powerpoint all at the same time with no slowdown.

I built the Periodic table on a 8gb macbook pro really have seen no need to use bootcamp and always feel that if you have a mac and use bootcamp you have bought an expensive PC

Eric Rohrer

Hi Jilo,

I run Storyline on Win 7 on a late 2008 MacBook using Parallels. My specs are 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and I have no problems. I have Parallels set to use 2 GB of RAM.

Like Phil, I don't use Bootcamp as I don't see a real need for it. If you are buying a "newer" Mac, you should not have any problems running both Windows via Parallels and OS X simultaneously.

Now, if we can just get Articulate to build an OS X version of Storyline...

Joseph Roberson


Parallels, not Bootcamp:

Because I knew I would need to use my new MacBook Pro for Storyline and other PC-only tools in my ISD program at UMBC, I not only have 16GB of RAM but also replaced the hard drive with a solid state one. Makes a huge difference in speed! Thus far I can see no slowdown when using Storyline  under Parallels and everything else in Mac OSX. 

Madeline Paterson

I've just bought a MacBook Air and I'm planning to run Storyline on it. I was looking at BootCamp but will probably buy Parallels now, having read the above/


This Articulate link tells me that I shouldn't use a network drive when I'm using Parallels:

I was planning to buy a NAS Drive (Network Assisted Storage drive) so that I could work with a new colleague (using a PC) on the same Storyline products we create.

  1. Is it a bad idea to use a NAS Drive that effectively gives us a private network?
  2. Does anyone have experience of using a NAS Drive with Parallels?
  3. Do you have any guidance or tips you could share?

Much appreciated if you can help - thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Viktoria,

You can install fonts direct into the Windows environment just as you would normally. If you're having a particular issue with VMWare or Parallels could you offer up a bit more information about that? You may want to begin by reviewing the information here to follow the guidelines for working in a Mac environment. 

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