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Peter Anderson

Hi Chris,

If you feel it's something that falls outside of the known issues with importing PowerPoint text, we'd be happy to have you send it in so we can take a look. Otherwise, we're working hard to make the conversion process even more seamless, and hope to improve upon it in future versions. Thanks for the post!

Frank  Bialas

Has Chris Fletcher's original problem posted August 6, 2012 been resolved yet?  How?  I have the exact same problem with text boxes on slides imported to Storyline from PowerPoint -- a dotted line border around most text boxes.  'Format Shape' doesn't even recognize the border as a line.

My work-around is to copy the text out to a newly inserted text box, then delete the orginal. But that is a lot of work to correct something that I'd think by now has been resolved.  Please let me know if there is a simpler solution.

Mata Henry

Like Frank Bialas mentioned, the work around is not ideal - remake all the powerpoint rectangles (that contain text) into Storyline text boxes. 
I havent found a way in storyline to change a shape into a text box - or is there? 
This issue is nearly over 5 years old - can a staffer guide us to a where you can simply click to change a shape into a text box? (thus removing those pesky outlines). see attachment.

Austin Hill

I abandoned all hope in the importing of stuff into Storyline.  I beat my head against the wall and finally, after much labor just decided the "best" way was to just make the text directly in Storyline.  I also tried the route of designing stuff in Illustrator and then importing it into Storyline.  That causes other issues: non-easily editable text and the graphics have to be all re-positioned because the alpha channel (the transparent parts) of the the graphics are considered selectable by Storyline.  Thus you have all these tons of layers that are being re-arranged.  Hard to explain.

After tons of experimentation I just said screw it and started building all the text directly in Storyline.  This is super painful because it's like building stuff in Powerpoint and if you have experience in Photoshop/Illustrator it's super tedious and non-intuitive.

I'm not sure if the powerpoint importing has been improved but I gave up on it.  I'm posting this to see if that that has changed.  

Anne Miesel

I know this is an old thread, but I had the same issue with borders showing up around certain words on PowerPoint slides that I imported in.  I also noticed that those with borders imported in as rectangles and not text boxes.  That being said, the deck is from 2015 and the boxes don't show up when I'm previewing it, so I'll just chalk it up to a mystery of Storyline.