Bouncing ball

Feb 28, 2020


I'm experimenting with the bouncing effect and path options. I designed a ball rolling down a stair and I want that the ball bounces two or three times once it hits the floor. I've been trying several things but nothing seems to work. Could you check my project and provide some feedback? 

Thank you in advance.


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Oliver Cruz

Hi Ramon,

I've managed with much success but not that neat after much experimentation. I've copied your ball 1 layer and added a motion path that is freeform to make the bounce look a bit more natural, then from the path options under Easing, I chose Speed and set it to BOUNCE.

You might need to tweak the timeline and freeform more to make it look neater but it now bounces 2-3 times.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you are successful with this, glad to hear if this will work for you.



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