Brainshark and Storyline 2

I've seen a few articles here about moving a Storyline program into Brainshark - but I have the opposite issue. My customer recorded a podcast in Brainshark, and now wants it inserted in a Storyline 2 training program being created. Has anyone discovered a way to insert or embed a Brainshark program into a Storyline slide?

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Brian Holmsten

No idea. We were given the file - our department neither has nor uses Brainshark. And the actual person in the customer department that created it is no longer with the company. Hence our frustration at trying to figure something out that doesn't require the actual use of Brainshark. All we have to work with is the published Brainshark file. :-(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian, 

What's the file type that you have? I took a look at their site and couldn't find a quick answer on how they publish/export. 

Have you reached out to anyone at Brainshark to see what the options are? Perhaps if you're able to upload the brainshark file to a web server, you could like that as a web object in Storyline?