Branching Question

Dec 02, 2018

Can i branch according to conditions such as "learner has already completed the course"?

We will be hosting our courses on TalentLMS, if that matters.

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Stefanie Pielahn

I'm hoping to be able to do it all in the same scorm package; so within the same course. The idea is to have an image with a map; every spot on the map links to a chapter but the first time a learner goes through the course, i want to force the order of the chapters but once the learner has completed the course they should be able to click on any part of the map and go to the appropriate chapter, so i though the two maps can be the first slide after the branch off and the branch off is based on if they have completed and passed the course or not. Does that make sense?

Daniel Servan

Hi Stefanie,

If all are in the same course then it is easier to handle.
You can lock other parts of the course or disable buttons and enable it when completed the first branch. Maybe you will have a landing page which is the map and it is considered as your main menu. You can add a variable to track completion so you can open other paths. If you have your Story file, I am happy to help you create the working prototype.

Stefanie Pielahn

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the late reply; I've been away.

Everything is in the same course, yeah. The idea is that at the end of every chapter there is the map and the next chapter opens up to the learner. The last chapters and the current chapter are still accessible too, so by the end the whole map is "open", so to speak.

I'll include the zip file for the story file but it's pretty bare bones right now; just the structure for branch one - the initial course run-through - and the linkages, no real content yet. I hope that helps and thank you so much for taking a stab at it. I really appreciate it. :)

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