Branching quiz trouble

Apr 11, 2017

I'm trying to create a module that allows the learner to choose English or Spanish from the start. From this choice, they branch to a tree that shows them the same content in their preferred language. The trouble comes when it's time for Storyline to grade the quiz. I can get either the English or the Spanish quiz to calculate the grade correctly but not both at the same time. I am at a loss on how to fix this and could use some help!

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Craig Dillon

That's close. There is a Spanish and English quiz and they only take one of them. However, Storyline only scores one. For instance, if the learner chooses English at the beginning of the module and navigates the English branch, when they take the quiz, they are scored only on the English slides as expected. If they choose the Spanish side instead, they are not scored at all (they get 0% even if they got them all right).

I can finagle it a little and get the Spanish side scoring but then the English side stops scoring. Both quizzes are going to separate results slides.

Raquel Meyer

I'm interested to see if that will work for you. I find it a bit frustrating because you have no control over the pass variable and can only report one pass variable back to the LMS. If I have multiple quizzes I usually end up tracking correct answers with my own variable. I then have a hidden quiz that the users navigate to but don't actually see which automatically answers the quiz questions with triggers and my variable. These questions then report to one results slide which passes over the the LMS.

Craig Dillon

So I was able to combine both quizzes into one results slide. There are a few things to know about this project though that may determine whether or not you can use this solution for your project.

1. The learner only navigates the Spanish or the English branch.

2. The learner only answers the questions in their branch which equates to exactly half of the possible questions.

3. The results slide has 4 layers: EN-Fail, EN-Pass, ES-Fail, and ES-Pass. These layers are shown based on their language selection at the beginning and their score.

4. Every question in the story is reporting to this one results slide.

5. The final score default variable (Results.ScorePoints) is passed to a created variable (LearnerScore) and then this new variable is multiplied by 2 in order to account for the learner only being given half of the total possible questions (their language only). You cannot edit or modify the default Storyline variable.

6. If the learner fails, navigation stops and there there is external coaching.

7. If the learner passes, the learner advances to one more slide and the LMS only receives a pass/fail based on whether or not this last slide was visited.

One of the main goals in this project was to make it so the learner only saw their language after they chose it. This required a few creative tweaks to the player and creative navigation to keep them in the track with their preferred language.

Craig Dillon

Our modules are all set up the same whether we grade or not. The last two slides are always

1. a quiz slide with one answer

2. the results from that quiz.

The quiz slide question is basically "click the button" and the singe choice is "I'm done." Clicking the choice button submits the interaction and advances you to the last results slide which is the one reporting complete/incomplete to the LMS. Our learners are used to this and it works for us.

The grading "gate" I had to deal with was before this and basically either allowed the learner to get to this point, had them loop back to the beginning of the quiz a set number of times, or, once the set number was reached, sent them to a slide telling them to contact their trainer.

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