Branching Scenario: Hyperlink to Random Slide

I'd like to have Storyline 'branch' at a point into one of 6 scenarios - but I want it to be a random one every time....

Example - Lesson on English Small Talk - at one point, I want the lesson to branch into an unknown topic branch to the student - to give them a change in the scenario.

Topic 1: The weather

Topic 2: Home Life

Topic 3: Education

Topic 4: Sports

Topic 5: Hobbies

Topic 6: Social Life

Is it possible to put a 'random branch' from a selection of alternatives (without using buttons)?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gareth - that's a great question! You can in fact do that really easily by using question banks in Storyline, and just modify the trigger for your Next button so that the learner follows the the appropriate path. Attached is an example, and here's a walk-through of how to set something like this up:

eLearning Development


I know this has come up before but I can't get it to work.  How do I make the draw from question bank reset when you return to it.  When I try this I get the same result each time.  I thought someone had said if you include a results slide and don't use it you could reset the question bank but I can't seem to get it to choose a different scenario.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tim! If you insert a result slide and include a Retry Quiz button on it, it will allow the learner to re-do the question bank and see another random draw. (If you don't want the result slide to look quizzy, you could use the "Blank Result Slide" format so it doesn't contain a bunch of scoring info, and you could call the Retry Quiz button something else.) The thing is, though, when you randomize questions in a question bank, the slides truly are displayed at random each time - meaning, it's possible that learners could see some of the same slides on subsequent views. 

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Thanks so much.  I took the content from the ending slide and put it on a blank results slide with a retry button renamed to "another?".  It didnt work the first time so I changed the submit results trigger to reset results and it works perfectly.

I could not get this to work on the games I was working on a while back and I ran out of time to play so gave up for a while.  This has inspired me to get back at them.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth,

Are these questions included in a question bank? If you have them set to draw randomly, they'll see a random selection so there is no way to guarantee that they don't see the same customer twice, if that customer has more than one question. You may want to look at putting each customer's questions into their own question bank, and then randomly draw one from each of those - if you put these slide draws one right after the other it would operate the same way as drawing three questions from one bank. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emily,

From a question's feedback option, you won't be able to point to a question bank, unless there is already a question bank slide draw included. This works in my files and draws a question randomly from the bank. 

In regards to your question bank not going to the next slide, is it possibly the last slide in a scene? If so, that's a known issue we've reported to our QA team and you'll need to include a slide at the end of that scene - which could be set to automatically jump to the next slide/scene when the timeline starts. 

Andrea Rotondo

Hi Ashley,

I'm having trouble using random branching via question banks. I have two branches. The branching itself works for both strands but once I reach the first slide in one of the strands I cannot move to the next slide. It works for the other strand and in story view both triggers look identical. I am including a screen grab of the set up can you help?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrea,

We're still here - and happy to help! From the image alone it's hard to say what's happening, but if you're able to share a copy of that .story file we can take a look. If you need to share it privately, you can upload to our Support Team and they'll work with you via email. 

My hunch is that it's something we can't see in your question bank.