Branching with option to hide layers

Morning/afternoon/evening all,

Before I start, I have had a look through the forum but I could not find what I was looking here goes.

What I want to do is create a course for three different workers, each with different requirements.

The structure of the course contains a central "spine" of screens. These are called "overview" slides and give the learners an overview of an industrial process.

At they work there way through the course, an icon will appear IF there is extra information for them to see relavant to their role.

I have produced this manually where by I have three icons on each "spine" screen and it branches to a subset screen when clicked. Each icon represent a different job role.

This works great, but I want to take it a step further by offering the learner a choice at the start of the course to choose a job title and then only have relavant info to them appear.

So, if the first overview screen only has additional information for job role 1, only an icon for that job role appears.

If overview screen 2 has additional info for roles 2 and 3, then only those buttons appear.

I was wondering if I should do this by having the 3 buttons on 3 different layers, and switching off the layers I do not need...but I do not know how to do this from the original "choice" slide. Can you use a variable to switch off layers on every slide simultaneously?

Any help much appreciated



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob,

You could set this up with layers or hidden states on your buttons. What I would do is set up a "choice slide" with three buttons/objects that the user can pick from and each of those have a separate variable (say Jobone, Jobtwo, Jobthree) assigned to them initially set to false. Once the user selects a choice, change the state of the variable to true and set all of the corresponding buttons/layers to be Normal (instead of hidden) when that variable is True.  I'd then set that button to trigger the relevant information within a layer and you'll also want to make sure you add a trigger to close the layer as well. 

Rob Brownfield

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply.

The course will contain around 70 screens with perhaps 60 of these having one of the three button options available. That's the bit I am struggling with.

Can I pass across a variable that sets the states of say, "Jobone" to Normal across all the slides at once whilst leaving Jobtwo and Jobthree hidden?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob,

Yes, when you change the initial value of the variable by clicking on the button, you'll need a trigger on each slide that will adjust the state of the button based on the variable. So it would look something like:

Change state of: Jobone Button 

When the value of Variable JobOne is True

You'll need a separate variable to control each of the buttons, and you'll need to leave the buttons as individual buttons not a part of a button set. 

Rob Brownfield

Hi Ashley, Thanks again. I must be doing something wrong!

I have set up a simple demo with 3 buttons. Lets call them Options 1-3. These buttons are on the first frame and define which set of information the user will see relating to their job role.

Each button has a Variable. For option 1 it is:

  • Set Option1 equal to One
  • When the user clicks.

For option 2 it is:

  • Set Option2 equal to Two
  • When the user clicks.

For option 3 it is:

  • Set Option3 equal to Three
  • When the user clicks.

All three buttons take the user to the next slide using the standard Jump to command, because all three users need to see the same "general" information. I then have a further 3 buttons that have an initial state of "Hidden". Lets call them Additional Info 1-3. These take each of the users to additional info relating to their job role.

On entering the second frame with the additional "hidden" buttons I want the correct button to change state to "visible" whilst the other two remain hidden.

So, in the example, clicking Option 1 on the first screen will take the user to screen 2 and display Additional Info 1 button only.

Currently I am trying to call the variable "Option 1" to trigger the state change of additional info 1.

The Slide trigger I am using is as follows:

  • Change state of Additional Info 1 to Normal
  • When the timeline starts
  • If "Option 1" is equal to One

This works fine. However, if I then add in Additional Info 2 and 3, with values of Two and Three, all three buttons appear at the same time. I just also discovered that if I remove the condition of "Equal to", it makes no difference, all three still appear.

I guess this means the Variable is not being remembered from the previous screen

So, how do I ensure the Variable Option 1 is remembered on entering the next screen

Help!!! :(