Broken slides in Articulate 360 storyview

Mar 04, 2019


I am working on a tool which has 3 different versions for using my master thesis. I have created it like a month ago in storyline 2, and then I switched to Articulate 360 trial to share with my students in articulate online without problems. The first version worked well without any problems. Yesterday I opened version 2 which has 81 slides (not to mention the layers) to make some changes.  When I was working on changes, suddenly some slides started to be broken. They weren't shown in preview. I published it to articulate online to see if it is only a preview problem, but the result was the same. I checked for updates, uninstalled and reinstalled, saved the story with a different name, copied and pasted the slides into a new story, tried to work with scenes instead of one scene yet at some point or another, it kept being broken. In the story view, it looks like a fuzzy TV screen.

I am supposed to upload version 2 to articulate online for my students tomorrow. I cannot recreate it, it was a work of days. I searched the forum and tried everything I can find, I am working on my own computer, not a network, the stories are in C folder, but no luck. Attached you can find the screenshot of the broken slides. I would really appreciate any kind of help. Please.

Have a good night

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Gamze Ucak

I have just wanted to inform that Gerald solved my problem. Thank you and Gerald one more time. You have saved my thesis. 

If anyone faces the same problem, here is Gerald's solution, 

"original (uncropped) background image you've used is too small for your slide size which is causing the issue. I've resized your image using an online image resizing and imported it back to your project. I've inserted it to your Slide Masters as you are using the same image in majority of your slides."

Have a great day,


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