Browser URL bar taking up screen when viewing course on mobile.

When publishing my e-learning to web and displaying on mobile, I am finding the browser bar is taking up around 25% of the screen. The course is viewed in landscape mode so this is having a big impact on the amount of space available!

I have all settings in the player to launch in new window and display without browser controls, yet am still finding this issue. The course is intended to be viewed on multiple devices so this is becoming a big problem to the overall look and functionality of it. 

Can anyone shed some light as to how to have the mobile course full screen? 

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Hayley, 

I did a quick test on my iPhone using a course published with settings to allow it to launch in full screen, and I can confirm that the URL bar was still visible at the bottom of the screen after launching the course. I went ahead and created support case 03266349 for you so we can review the behavior. 

You're in good hands, and a member of our support team will be reaching out to your shortly!

Gilles Demers


Any news on the matter?
Maybe this additional info could help :

Here’s a tool I designed a few years ago with SL360 :
When opened on a phone, the file opens in full screen with an instruction, that I would translate like that : “drag from the top to the bottom and press the return button to quit the full screen mode”. That’s perfect (see “Mobile-OK.png” attached file)

Here’s a tool I just designed with SL360:
When opened on a phone, the file opens with an info bar at the top that I can’t remove and takes of 30% of the screen space. ”. That’s bad (see “Mobile-not-OK.png” attached file)

Hope this helps and please stay connected. I can’t release my mobile tools in that state.

Thank you and have a good day!