bug in zoom functionality with transition speed set to "very slow"

Apr 24, 2018

Hi everyone, I've noticed that with the last versions of SL360, if I set the zoom transition speed for a zoom region to "very slow", a very noticeable bug occurs, in which the zoom transition "snaps" back and forth.

I've searched the forum and was surprised that no one has noticed this yet... is this happening also to you?

I've set up a quick example that should be quite self explanatory (and it has a nice cat too) :) It's here: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/000849ed-e46f-4765-9326-3b3763b52615/review .

For Articulate: if you want to check the source code, I attach it to this post.

Thank you heroes!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sahar,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you've been affected by this issue as well.

Using an alternative speed is one of the suggested workarounds, but I understand that is still not working well for you.

This conversation is attached so we can share any updates with you here and I look forward to hearing other ideas from those in the community.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Leilany and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into this issue as well.

I do not have an update to provide and the workaround listed is to use a different transition speed for the zoom region.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

This conversation is attached so that we can share any updates with you here.

Lauren Connelly

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share that we are no longer seeing this bug, Zoom region briefly jumps or jerks at the end then gets stuck in the zoom region, in our latest version of Storyline 360. 

I'd recommend using Storyline 360 (Build 3.61.27106.0) or later.

You can reach our Support Team in this discussion or privately in a support case.