Bug-Report: Wrong Boolean Values in Storyline, when using German, French or Spanish Language Option

I'm using Articulate Storyline 2 - latest Version October 2014.

Since German is my native language I changed the language of Articulate Storyline 2 to "German" (default = English) -> File-Language Options.

Soon I recognized that every Boolean Value of a condition or a boolean-variable is always "falsch" (german word for "false"). You can not set it to "richtig" (german word for "true"). Everytime I switch the value to "richtig" (true), the value will immediately change itself to "falsch" (false) after the focus of the valuebox is lost.

I also checked the other language options: french and spanish (I can not read chinese, so I did not check that).

My final conclusion:

If you use the german, spanisch or french language-option of articulate storyline 2, you can not use boolean values because of that error/bug.

Is there anyone, who can help with this bug?

You can easely validate this bug by using the "progress tracker template" https://community.articulate.com/download/progress-tracker-template-for-storyline-2# and change the language option (File->Storyline-Options) to german, french or spanish/espanol. Try to change the setting of the boolean values.

You have to restart Articulate Storyline 2 after changing the language.

I added an attachment showing the bug in the different languages. The shown trigger is part of the first slide of progresstracker template. 

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Jan Vilbrandt

@Michael: Yep, sometimes it seems to work though there is a misleading value shown up (if you use e.g. the english progress tracker template).

But today I had this problem with a course completely done from scratch with the german language-option and the course did not work because of that problem. The boolean variables were not getting the value "richtig" / true. I think there must be a "deeper" problem - not only a mistranslated word.

Articulate should check this out. I hope someone of Articulate is reading this topic.