Bug using custom navigation in Update 10?

Sep 07, 2016

I think this is a bug in Update 10. Here's the scenario.

  1. Create 2 scenes with 3 slides in each.
  2. Have the 3rd slide in Scene 1 jump to Scene 2 when user clicks the Next button.
  3. Preview the entire project. Everything will play fine.
  4. Now, drag and drop the 3rd slide in Scene 1 to become the 2nd slide. (So the order of original slides is now 1.1, 1.3, 1.2) The expected action would be for the original 1.2 to be orphaned as 1.1 would go to 1.3 (now called 1.2) and the original 1.3 has a coded link to jump to Scene 2 skipping over the original 1.2.
  5. But... When you move 1.3 to before 1.2 the trigger to jump to scene 2 on the original 1.3 reverts to the standard Jump to Next Slide. This should not be happening.

This is easily reproducible for me and didn't happen in Update 9. Curious if others are seeing this. Try moving the last slide of any of the scenes in the file attached to the second slide and you should see the trigger change from Jump to Scene X to Jump to Next Slide.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett,

Thanks for reaching out here. Do you have a video of this working differently? In our tests Update 9 behaved the same as Update 10 - in that once you move the slide Storyline is resetting the navigation based on the new location. This is actually what I'd expect too, so that I only have to update the final trigger for slide 1.3 vs. going back and updating 1.2, and 1.3 - as without updating it the new slide 1.3 would be skipped. 

Also, while I was testing this, I did notice that if you used custom navigation buttons (not the built in prev/next) it works as you're describing keeping the jump to scene trigger regardless of where you moved the slide too.

Hope that helps - and never hesitate to ring the "bug alarm bell"! Keeps us on our toes. 

Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley,

I figured the "bug" word would get your attention... :-)

I don't have a video from update 9 and I may well have been using my own custom navigation buttons. But it seems odd that if I specifically give the Next button a trigger to go to a scene that that is overridden if I then move that slide. And why does it work differently if you were using custom buttons rather than the built in ones? I'm trying to picture the reason for this difference.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ha! All the forums get my equal attention Brett, no playing favorites here. :) 

I actually think it would be odd the other way - if I took slide 1.3, and moved it before slide 1.2 - and it kept the trigger associated with the "next" button to go to scene 2.1 now I can no longer get to slide 1.2. It's Storyline being smart saying - "hey I saw you moved this, I suspect you want us to update the order as well. One less trigger to edit?" As for the custom navigation, since it wasn't connected to the "next" button Storyline is saying "welp, looks like you did this on purpose with a custom button and custom navigation so I'll keep it as is." 

And now that I'm talking as if I am Storyline...I'm gonna call it a night. 

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