Bug with Content Library slides?

Feb 03, 2017


I'm working on a project and have inserted several slides from the Content Library. Trying to add one more now and nothing happens after selecting 'Insert Slide'.

Have restarted Storyline/my laptop a few times but same issue occurring.

Can anyone tell me why? or has this happened for anyone else?

Many thanks,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sophie! 

Sorry to hear you've hit this road block! It sounds like you've already done a little troubleshooting on your own, with no luck. I'm curious - are you working from your local hard drive, or a network drive? Also, does this happen in any Storyline 360 file, or just the one file in particular? If it's just the one file, perhaps you can import the slides into a new project and try to insert the Content Library slide from there.

If you try those suggestions and you're still having issues, I would share this with our Support Engineers. They're great at troubleshooting this kind of thing, so you'll be in good hands. :)

Sophie Gahan

Thanks for getting back to me, Alyssa.

I'm saving to an external hard drive yep. I moved the project into a folder directly on my PC and the same issue still occurred. I also tried inserting a Content Library slide into an empty project but the same thing happens. I'm confused as to why I was allowed use it at first and now nothing...is there a limit to the amount of Content Library slides you can use?

I'll forward the query to the Support Engineers, thanks!



Alyssa Gomez

Hm, that's really strange. There isn't a limit to the amount of Content Library slides you can use, so that shouldn't be an issue. I see you're working with Miker in your case (01008670), and that he's asked you try and reboot your computer, and if that doesn't help, to record a Peek of what you're seeing on your end. I'll keep checking in on your case as it progresses!

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