Build course but should mark as completed until pass assessment

I need to know how to manage a course and what needs to be done to a course to make sure the course does not mark as completed however still track in the LMS (Oracle Taleo).

However the post assessment is built in the LMS so really we are looking to track the course but for it to never mark as completed and stay incomplete with no scoring either.

I hope this makes sense?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Meredith and welcome to the community!

Well, it sounds like a strange thing to do, but I'm sure there's reasoning behind it :)

Just a quick thought - how about using the option for tracking via number of slides viewed? You could then insert some blank slides or hidden slides (just to get the count up) and then require that the full amount of slides are viewed for completion. If you trigger it properly and block those last hidden slides, the user should never be able to reach them. 

I'm thinking that should do the trick and I'm curious if this is something that will work for you.