Building Courses with videos, quizzes, and other interactive content

Jul 06, 2016

Hello everyone,

I've been looking at options for developing elearning content that can be packaged and distributed (in SCORM) and had a few question about how this could work using Storyline. I wonder if someone can help me. We've already developed courses, so I'm really looking at how Articulate Storyline (or maybe one of the other packages) could accommodate.

Each of our courses is divided up into sections, which are in turn divided up into activities. Most of the activities are videos, and we often put a short quiz at the end of each section, and a slightly longer quiz at the end of the last section, just to make sure people are staying on track. The quizzes are just multiple choice questions, where they have to get a certain number correct to pass the quiz.

We also have interactive activities, which function like a quiz but instead of asking questions we play a video or a sound file and ask people how they would like to respond. Then, depending on the selected response, we’ll play a different video. This allows us to create a role play video and let people choose how it will play out.

In addition to the activities, we also have course downloads, which are usually PDFs that can be printed off and kept.

I’m just trying to find out how far Storyline or Studio can accommodate this type of course.

Would Storyline be capable of building this sort of content / course for an LMS?
Would a whole course be bundled in a single SCORM package, which could be loaded directly onto an LMS?
As people progress through the course, how is progress tracked and reported back?
Would we be able to build interactive videos as described above?

Any advice or tips here would be appreciated :)

Many thanks,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan!

Based on your description here, it sounds like Storyline may fit your needs a bit better than Studio. Mainly due to the interactive component and multiple quizzes. A bit of customization may be needed for branching scenarios based on responses as you mentioned above.

Storyline can have multiple results slides and then a final 'results of results' that you could report to the LMS. 

The tracking would be handled by your LMS.

Check out our Getting Started documentation here and I'm sure others in the community would be happy to assist as well.

Christie Pollick

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