Built-In focus state to go together with hover state

Jun 21, 2023


For a button we can use the built-in hover state in Storyline to define an effect that occurs on hover. In the example on that page the button has different shade on hover. However there is no equivalent built-in focus state such that if the user navigated to the button with a keyboard they wouldn't see the same effect as the user gets from hovering.

This is an accessibility issue depending on how the hover state is used. In our example we used the hover state to show a checkmark image that also gets applied when you click the button. However because the checkmark image is not shown with keyboard focus (tabbing to the button) we had to drop the hover state to make it equivalent.

I think there should be a way to add a built-in focus state just like the built-in hover state so they can be equivalent. I didn't find an exact discussion on this but do let me know if there is one. Also I will submit a feature request as well.

Thank you,



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