Built in navigation bug SL2

Oct 31, 2014


I have upgraded a course from SL1 to SL2 and now have a bug in the built in Storyline navigation.

At the start of my course the user selects their job role from three options (IT, developer or neither). The code then sets that relevant role from false to true as a variable.

During the course the user is shown relevant pages depending on their initial selection. For example, Jump to slide x when user clicks the next button if developer is equal to true, or jump to slide x when user clicks the next button if IT is equal to true. 

The issue I'm having is this no longer works in Storyline 2. It works if I create a custom button and apply the same code, but it doesn't work with the built in storyline buttons. It is not able to understand the additional command to jump to specific page if a variable is = to true.

Any help would me much appreciated!



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