Button made transparent shows up for a second when navigating in the module.

Feb 11, 2016

In one of my custom interactive slides i am using a transparent button to disable the activity buttons on the background layer once user has click them all. 

When navigating back and forth in the published module users some time see a blue patch (the transparent button i used) for a quick second and disappears. It happens more often on the LMS rather than on standalone.

Has anyone encountered the same? Any work arounds?

I have attached a sample of my interactive slide for reference.

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Ron Price

I was not able to replicate the issue on my end, but I did notice that you are using a variable to trigger the state change for your next button and to show the layer upon returning.

If I understand the issue  . . . which maybe I did not . . . .  

The process may be a little quicker and bomber by just using the state change condition and setting your slide properties to resume when revisiting.  Removing the Variable and the Layer completely.  This may remove the delay you are experiencing.

I have attached an edited version see if you get the same issue with this version.

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