Button Not Visible Above Images

I am having a problem with a button that I need to have on top of the slide content; however, it keeps dropping under the content and becomes unusable.

The idea behind this is that each question at the end of the module will remediate the students to the slide with the correct answer if they answer incorrectly.

Upon sending the student to a body slide to review the content, a "Return to Quiz" button appears allowing them to resume the quiz if when they are ready. In this case, it is "Reprendre l'evaluation".

For this slide, several slide layers display images in the same space that I would like the button to appear. No matter what I try, I cannot get the button to appear above the images. I've tried isolating the button on one slide layer, putting a copy of it within each slide layer and above the images. Nothing seems to work. Can you help figure out what I'm missing? 

I've attached a sample of the module here with the affected slides. I also deleted all slides in the module except those affected. 

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Julia Koller

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this Ned. Did you click through each layer, 1) Examiner..., 2) Évaluer..., and 3) Examiner la procédure?

If it's working for you, then it makes me wonder if this could be caused by a difference between our systems, versions of Articulate, or publishing options. I'm on a Windows 10 Version 1809 with Storyline 3.33.20625.0, and I'm publishing it out in HTML 5, SCORM 1.2.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Julia,

I just checked again to be certain and, after clicking through each layer and selecting the incorrect answer in the evaluation, the result was as above, with the button showing on top of the graphics.

I am using Windows 10 Pro version 1903 and the latest version of Storyline (3.33.20625.0).

I have also published your file to HTML 5 and it works okay, so I am not sure what your problem is. Hopefully a member of the Articulate staff may be able to help.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Julia,

I have just downloaded the latest version of Storyline that went live over night (3.33.20697.0) and can confirm that your file is still working okay for me. It will be interesting to see if it starts working for you when you install the latest update. Sometimes these things just happen for no apparent reason !