Button Settings 4 normal, hover, down, visited, disabled, selected

May 14, 2012

I'd like to know what the Articulate default settings are for the different button states so that I can mimic them when I create my own buttons. I'm referring to fill, line color, line style, and shadow settings. I've tried to determine this by
1. insert a button
2. click on a state

3. open the Format Shapes Launcher in the Button States group

4. Go through each setting here

But that doesn't seem to work.

Can you describe how to determine these, or do you have the settings listed somewhere?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Well, I DID just see Jeanette's tutorial about using the format painter to copy/paste these settings (it's here for others who are interested https://player.vimeo.com/video/145578880), and that's a big help (don't know why I didn't think of it). Tx Jeanette!

But I'm still curious to know how you'd get to see those settings.

Bruce Graham

Phil Mayor said:

There is  a real argument for not using any default settings, it is important to differentiate your work from others.

I would agree with this except in the case on mimicking the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

I asked in the beta whether we could at least get the static artwork for those for situations when, for example, you want them to appear at certain times, or for the "Previous" button to behave as a "Previous Slide" button rather than "Previous Slide Viewed".

Saying that - I have now replicated their look, so all OK now.

Recommend "Pixie" as a colour picker to get the correct colours.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx, Bruce and Phil, for your replies. BTW, I thought I was the only one having difficulty seeing the differences in the states. Even hover for me is difficult to see. I truly thought it was me. So, a question: should this be a feature request, that the default button various states are more distinctive?

Appreciate the argument that we shouldn't necessarily use default states for our projects. Still doesn't mean these perhaps shouldn't be "fixed."

I use Pixie for just about everything. What Articulatel color pane are y'all referring to? Where is the dropper?

Phil Mayor

I dont think there is a problem with what the default buttons looks like to necessitate a feature request.  In most programs the default does not look great to force you to change it.

the default settings are in my opinion only there to show an example of what can be done.

You really should not use the default settings and should create buttons specific to your projects.  This also IMHO  stands for shadows and gradiants.

My biggest hate is when gradients and shadows have different light sources.  Now I sound like a grumpy old man!

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