Button states act non-coherently

Jun 22, 2022

Project: an image that has an illustration on the base layer. I have created layers where I have the base layer grayed out and image callouts highlighting different parts of the illustration in full color. I have nine image callouts/layers. I also created a button for a layer that duplicates the base layer (reference image) so they can go back and forth between the image callout layers and the reference image. I couldn't get a trigger to the base layer to work.

1. I ended up using the default buttons because Storyline would not let me create button sets from grouped rectangles with text. The button set command would not appear when I right-clicked the menu to create the button set.

2. Once I run through the button set once, normal and hover states and jumps work correctly.

3. I have to select a button two times for the selected state to appear.

4. Once an initial run through is done. Selected states and hovers appear on buttons other than the one that is clicked on. It seems to be completely random on all the buttons as I select them. Sometimes the hover state will stay activated on 4 or 5 of the 10 buttons even though I've selected a different one

5. I created the button set on my base layer and copied them to the other layers

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Walt Hamilton

The problem is most likely the groups. The best course of action is to replace each group with one object. Start with a shape, edit states, and paste everything you want on it into the Normal state. That makes it one object, and it will work like it should. Do that with each group, and see if your problems don't magically disappear.