Button states not carrying to another scene...

I have to be missing something very simple working with button states!?

I'm putting navigation on the slide master. Basically my problem is I can't get the state of a button to be maintained when moving to a different scene.

There are buttons across the bottom of the screen (Button 01, 02, 03...). Each button has a NORMAL state (plain), HOVER state (gray) and SELECTED (yellow).

When the learners click, say, Button 01, a layer with list of topics pops up where they choose to go to a specific scene. When they get to that scene, the Button 01 they chose across the bottom should be highlighted yellow in the state of SELECTED showing them were they are in the course.

But that's not happening. When they click Button 01, it turns yellow (SELECTED) and the topics for Button 01 display, but when they click on a topic, that yellow highlight (SELECTED) disappears and the button returns to NORMAL when they get to the new scene. 

Even though I think this should be part of the states features, I thought I'd try changing the state of the button at the beginning of the scene, but the buttons from the main screen don't show up in the list when I try to add a trigger in another scene. And that kind of defeats the purpose of having navigation reside in one place on a master slide.

Like I said, I've got to be missing something simple. Any ideas would be appreciated!


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Carrie Eaton

So it's working! It's not that complex, but it took some thinking to decide were the variables had be changed, etc.

But now that I've done that, another question, Phil? Picture those buttons across the bottom (6-8) and 4-6 choices that come up with each button. When the choices pop up, I want the learner to be able to see if they have 1) never been there, 2) visited but not completed that section, or 3) completed it. So clearly those will each be buttons. That  means, give or take, 6-8 buttons times 4-6 or more choices on each times variables to control 3 states.

In your opinion, am I making it more complicated by trying to put all nav on a master slide with all the variables that would entail? I'm trying to think through the value vs hassle of a master slide approach in this case. 

Fortunately I've been playing with this now - before the project starts - so I can step back and think before I put in more time than it's worth, and I'm having doubts.

ALSO the client will have the source code to update periodically when I'm done, and perhaps digging through these variables, etc. will be more difficult for them?

Your thoughts pleased? 

Carrie Eaton

Surely that never happens!? ;-) 

There have been several times that I looked back at an old project and thought "What's that there for? I'm going to clean this up!"....and thereby broken the course!!

Phil, thanks so much for your help. As always, Articulate support is head and shoulders above anything else I've seen!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carrie,

Phil isn't on staff here, but his amazing help is one of the things that's earned him an ELH Hero status. 

There isn't a feature to add comments to your triggers, but if that would help your workflow it's worth logging a feature request! Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests.

Carrie Eaton

Staff and heroes, as a team, lift your support above others! And I know Phil was MY hero this weekend!

I'll check out this link and then put in a feature request because I would find it useful to be able to be able to place comment lines in  a list of triggers, particularly when working with a lot of variables. Coming back into a project, it can take time to get my head into what's happening!

Thanks, Ashley!