Button trigger to show multiple animations in sequence

Jul 14, 2023

When I create a "Show Me" button that shows an arrow animated to a circle, I want to delay the circle from appearing. When I set the trigger for the button click to show the arrow and circle, the arrow and circle show at the same time.  I set the timeline so there is a gap from the arrow end to the circle start but they both come at the same time.  

The only way I know to solve this is to set a trigger to show the circle when the animation on the arrow completes.  But I often have multiple arrows and circles which would be time consuming to set up.

Is there a better way?


2 Replies
Eric Schaffer

I'm not sure I fully understanding this completely. But here goes. 

If you pause the timeline and popup the "Show Me" button, and the learner must click the button to continue. Then you can resume the timeline and have the arrow show and a few seconds later display the circle. 

If the learner doesn't need to click the button to continue. Then put the "Show Me" on a layer that only shows when the button is clicked, and the learner can bypass the layer if thay understand and don't need the layer.

I hope this helps. Good luck