Buttons aren't working correctly

Sep 13, 2021

Hello! This is the first project I have created in Storyline and for some reason, I just can't seem to get my states right...

In the first set of buttons (section 1, section 2, section 3), the states work seamlessly. However, the second set of buttons (1-6 of Exploring Section 1) seem to work pretty erratically. This set of buttons have a normal, hover, visited, and selected state. Anyone know what I'm missing?

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Walt Hamilton

The buttons are working fine. You just can't see them because each new layer has its own buttons, which cover up those on layer "Exploring Section 1".

There are a lot of ways to fix the problem, but I think the easiest is

1. Delete the buttons on the other layers

2. Set the property of all those layers to not "Hide other layers", so the buttons will stay there and show through.  This will be pretty easy to do, since you already have a white cover on each layer that will cover anything that might show through from the previous layer. (I'm sure you did this to mask items on the base layer. There is an easier method. In layer properties, there is a check box to hide objects on base.)  But in this case, you need the cover to hide the next lower layer, although you may have to adjust the cover so the six buttons show through. The really neat thing is that even with all six layers showing, if you can see the buttons on layer 1, you can click them.

3. When exit is clicked, you need add a trigger, and a layer with nothing on it that hides all layers when it is shown. The trigger will show the "Close" layer, then the next trigger will show layer Section 1, just like it does.