Buttons: Conditions and Triggers

Jul 19, 2012

Hi E-Learning Community

Here's my problem, I have a set of buttons on one slide for lesson 1, 2, 3, etc, with a quiz button only to appear after each lesson has been visited. This condition works fine, however the user can just click each lesson button to show visited state and gain access to the quiz without actually completing each lesson.  I want the visited state of the lesson button to appear only when the user has completed the lesson. Each lesson is its own scene, within each lesson I have conditions for the next button to be active only when all interactive objects have been visited.  I attached a sample file, Lesson 1 is complete and is a great example of how the all the other lessons will be done.

Thanks in advance


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Barbara Herman

I figured it out! I created a variable called L1Complete set it to false -

than, created a trigger on last slide of lesson 1 to set variable of L1Complete to true when user clicks the next button (which takes them back to the lesson button slide)

than, on lesson button slide created a trigger to set Lesson 1 button state to visited when L1Complete variable is true

Keeping my figures crossed that this works for all my lessons

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